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Forex Trading Hub is an independent organization dedicated to providing its visitors with unbiased forex broker reviews and helping them learn how to get started in forex and how to choose the best stock broker.

What We Do

Broker Reviews

We strive to deliver in-depth forex trading platform reviews by thoroughly analyzing their features.


Trading Guides

British visitors can use our trading guides to get started with forex trading, CFD trading, stock trading and cryptocurrency trading.

trading guides

Market Analysis

We provide guidance in gaining a better understanding of technical analysis resources.

market analysis

Financial News

We know that the economic calendar is an essential resource for traders. This is why Forex Trading Hub has a team of experts dedicated to taking the pulse of the market and providing visitors with the latest financial news.

finance news


Cryptocurrencies represent an emerging market. We show our users how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.



Every trader needs a forex trading strategy. Our website has a section dedicated to helping traders begin to formulate their strategy, like risk management, identifying patterns and short selling.



Looking for the most reliable forex brokers and actionable trading advice?

Then you have arrived at the right place. At ForexTradingHub our goal is to educate traders that want to invest in forex, stocks, ETFs or cryptocurrency, by helping them find the most suitable broker and strategy.

What ForexTradingHub is all about

If you have ever wondered:

“What is forex trading and how does it work?”  we have the answer for that. Our team of professional analysts conducts in-depth research on the most popular forex trading platforms and tools and generates user-friendly content that even beginners can quickly get a grasp on.

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How ForexTradingHub helps you improve your trades and get better results

Most “trading experts” say: “To be successful with Forex, you need to follow strict risk management rules”

We wish it were that easy…

We learned through trial and error that there are a lot of other factors that make you a successful forex trader other than “risk management”.

And that is where ForexTradingHub comes in.

Our platform is dedicated to reviewing the best forex brokers and offering trading strategies and techniques that can improve your success rate. No “Premium advice”  or “Make money guaranteed”. Just actionable strategies that work.

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